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Documentary: "Don't Stop Believin '- Festival crews under exceptional circumstances" Part # 1

Usually we're not known for being the-glass-is-half-empty people. You as festival visitors are always the focus of our efforts, we try to make everything possible for you, fine-tune the nicest line-ups and try to keep the mood up even in the pandemic. You already know: we will stick together, that will pass, we still have to be a little careful and persevere - then there’s another festival!

But in the second year of the pandemic, in the second year without festivals, we want to take the opportunity to look inside. What does the situation do with the people who not only go to festivals and concerts, but live from them? How do the indefatigable, whose internal clock is set according to the heartbeat of live music life, not lose their minds? Who are the people who traded 9 to 5 for 24/7 in order to scare the headliner onto the stage after little sleep and a lot of caffeine? Introspectives, baby!

The result is "Don't Stop Believin '- Festival crews in a state of emergency", a three-part documentary that we have shot over the past few months with colleagues, partners and musicians. Get to know a few of the people behind the scenes at the Hurricane, Deichbrand, Southside and Highfield Festivals (to name just a few) who keep track of everything and keep the strings in hand so you can have the best time. How has the pandemic changed you? How do our colleagues fill the hole that two unusual festival seasons have torn? What does it mean for musicians when the livelihood falls away?

Part # 2 and # 3 are already in the starting blocks and will see the light of day in the coming weeks, so keep an eye on the Hurricane, Deichbrand, Southside, M'era Luna and the Highfield. Oh well - you won't escape us anyway. ;)

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