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Rockers with disabilities

General information

Sign-up starts April 1st, 2022

We want to enable everyone who loves music to visit the festival. Therefore, we put great effort into making the event as relaxed as possible, also for handicapped people. Each year we think about how we can make our festival as accessible as possible to the disabled. We are grateful for any comments to


In order to keep distances as short as possible and – where available – provide paved paths, we offer guests with a handicapped ID the possibility to use our VIP campsite. You can camp here on these lots, either in or beside your vehicle, and use an adapted WC container (with simple shower facilities). Only a limited number of people are admitted to the VIP campsite, in order to ensure short distances, short waiting times and a certain peace and quiet.

As this is a detached area with separate access authorisation, a special festival pass and a car pass are required. You will receive all of these on-site if you have completed the form at the bottom of this page in advance and have received confirmation from us.

If you require constant assistance you may bring along one (1!) person free of charge. Furthermore, we strive to ensure that smaller groups are not separated due to this rule, and request that groups of up to 5 persons max (= one car with 4 friends) send us an e-mail enquiry. These accompanying persons require a festival ticket, which is validated upon collection of the festival passes and exchanged for VIP access authorisation. Please note: access to the VIP campsite is exclusively a service for our guests with health impairment.

Tip! If you wish to avail of our other camping offers, naturally the same applies: with a B in your ID you can bring along a companion free of charge. In this case, no prior registration is necessary. The festival passes will be issued at the cash desk/pass tent upon presentation of your ID.

Please note that we can only check in companions that arrive together with the disabled person, and we can only validate the original tickets at the same time. It is not possible to register a companion or assistant subsequently on site.


There is a wheelchair platform in front of the Green Stage und the Blue Stage, beside the FOH Tower. Wheelchair users can access this at all times with max. one companion, and enjoy the bands. Depending on the degree of capacity utilisation, guests with a handicapped ID but no wheelchair may access the wheelchair platform.


We offer a mobile information service for disabled people. When you collect your pass we will give you a telephone number, which you are welcome to use if you require information or help during the festival and the info-point is too far away. Our special volunteers team for handicapped people will take care of your concerns as quickly as possible, subject to capacity.


For those of you with an electric wheelchair, we offer the possibility to charge it on the VIP campsite. For this purpose we shall provide a power source in a central location within the area reserved for you. Please bring along an outdoor-compatible extension cable (50m).

Please note that we can only provide electricity (240 volts) to the distributor, which may be located up to 50 metres away from the location of your tent. Use is permitted solely for charging medically necessary devices (such as wheelchairs). For safety reasons, we must limit the maximum output of each power outlet to 1000 watts. The electricity is generated locally, and is therefore susceptible to faults and voltage fluctuations. We do not accept any liability for the use of the power source or for any defects that may be caused to devices by voltage fluctuations or outages. We reserve the right to interrupt electricity provision (temporarily) for safety reasons in the event of extreme weather conditions.


If you bring medication to the festival: medical proof of its necessity ensures that you may bring it onto the grounds. For medication that requires refrigeration, there is the possibility to hand it to members of the ambulance service in the first-aid tents.


You are welcome to send any questions/comments to us at We can be reached by telephone on Wednesdays and Thursdays from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. at: 01806- 853 444*.

*(0.20 € per call from fixed lines, mobile charges max. 0.60 € per call)