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Safety & Rules

General Information

Call 112
The festival site is not above the law. The festival was planned together with the responsible security authorities and is supervised day and night by the police, the fire department, and medical services. In addition, hundreds of security officers will be securing the festival premises to guarantee the fun factor for you and for everyone involved.

You can always report emergencies by calling 112 (please note: an anonymous call is not possible!) or by approaching the personnel responsible for the security onsite. They will be positioned all over strategic locations, at the entries to the campsite, and also close by the emergency reporting sites that you will be able to recognize by the letters SOS – “Notfallmeldestelle” on specific towers. Please do not hesitate to reach them, if you find yourself facing some form of irregularity, even if you are not sure whether it really is an emergency.

Should you need information about the festival or have a question that does not require an emergency call, then call our support hotline. This hotline is open for you 24 hours a day. The phone number of the support hotline is to be announced.

Please watch over each other and help those who need help. Our security details, the meds, the fire fighters, and the police will help you if it should be necessary. Please do not hesitate to talk to them.

Danger of tripping and sharp edges
The festival area encompasses the area of about 200 soccer fields. We do our best to make every square meter as safe as possible, and to prevent any tripping dangers. We also work hard to prevent any sharp edge from arising as danger for visitors. However, it cannot be excluded that there will still be possible tripping opportunities or sharp edges or other forms of danger of cuts at various places, in spite of all efforts we take. Therefore we ask you to enter the festival site with appropriate footwear, appropriate clothing and with due caution. Please do report any possible threats to body injury, so we can resolve these issues.The size of the festival grounds is approximately 240 hectare (this equals the size of dozens of soccer pitches). We do our best to make every square meter as safe as posssible and to get rid of every possible sharp edge. However it can not be excluded that even though we take the most care in avoiding risks of stumbling and sharp edges we can not find all of them. Therefore we request you to wear appropriate shoes and clothing and to proceed with the necesarry care when entering the festival grounds.  If you find any dangers, please report them so we can eliminate them.


As a precautionary measure, we would like to point out a few risks to you here, so that you ca return home undamaged and only with good memories. The festival grounds are located in natural surroundings. The campsite is very uneven, and especially at night you will not always be able to detect the bumps and holes in the ground. So watch where you are treading. Sunshine in June is particularly intensive. Protect your skin with sunscreen. Sunstroke is no laughing matter. We recommend wearing something on your head when the sun is at its highest. Drink enough water. There are drinking water points on the festival grounds, where you can access water free of charge. Summer sunshine and lots of movement greatly increases your need for hydration – even if you don’t feel thirsty. Remember that alcohol removes water and important minerals from the body. Be careful with alcohol. Recent findings have shown that some people often overestimate the amount of alcohol they can consume. Look out for each other! Drugs are illegal and dangerous. Should you have the stupid idea of taking drugs, remember that alcohol and drugs together are very dangerous. Safer sex – if you get closer together in the heat of the moment, protect yourselves! Condoms protect against infection and unwanted pregnancies.

You love music – that is probably the most important reason why you have come to the festival. But remember that you will be exposed to a very high level of noise on the festival grounds. This will be measured continuously, but we nevertheless recommend that you wear earplugs for protection. Even rolled-up bits of tissue can help at a pinch. We want you to be able to enjoy music for a very long time. So look after your hearing. Earplugs are not actually that uncool – quite the opposite. Especially directly in front of the PA towers, the noise level is very high and might be damaging in the long term. Don’t spend too much time there, but change position (the sound is better in the middle anyway) and give your ears a break.

We have sufficient paramedics and doctors from the Johanniter organisation present for all medical emergencies that should arise on site. The medical tent can be found at the entry to the festival grounds. If you need help, contact the nearest Security!

Please always keep the emergency escape routes on the campsite free for the Johanniter!

Help Hotline

In case you need further information about the festival or have a questions which doesn't require the help of the local authorities you can contact our help hotline which is available 24/7 during the festival: +49800 555 2014.

Weather and Storm

Often one forgets to drink enough water during warm weather. (Although beer deletes the first thirst, it also deprives the body of more water later). This may cause dehydration, headaches and dizziness, and may even result in unconsciousness. But this can easily be prevented: Drink plenty of water (in advance and repeatedly during the festival)! In addition, use plenty of sunscreen, wear a hat to cover yourself from the sun, and wear light clothing that covers the skin. That way you’ll avoid painful sunburns. And please also consider: Borrowing sunscreen or sharing it with other people fosters friendships...

Wellingtons (rubber boots) are not only fashionable, but also very practical on fields, and rain ponchos are a must in every festival bring list. If you nevertheless need one, we also sell them at the Info Point.
If you own things that need electricity to operate on the campsite, please remember: Water and electricity do not go well together - an outlet or cord should not lie in a puddle.

The safest place at an open festival during a storm is the car.
Extensive analyses of car usage on the premises have shown that mathematically there are sufficient parking spaces available for all festival guests, even for those who have traveled by train or were brought by their parents. Please also provides other festival guests with shelter in your cars. New friendships will definitely arise!
Always close your tents and secure loose items before you go to the festival site, so you are prepared in case of emergency. And please don’t forget in the interest of your own safety consciousness: It is better to sit in the car more often than not.

Wind and large tents
Even though our big tents, where we offer various different services, are very secure; after the wind strength exceeds a certain limit they will have to be closed because their safe operation cannot be guaranteed anymore. For this reason, they are usually closed first whenever the need arises. We hope you understand this measure in the unlikely case this should occur.

Medical Emergency

Call 0800 – 740 740 4 or 112 - (If you do not have a mobile phone, ask others to call in emergency, or go to the nearest security officer (by the entry, the SOS tower, bike or foot security, etc.).
If there is a case of a medical emergency, the paramedics are alerted at the same time. Prepare to answer the following questions:

6 x things to do = how it is done!
  • Where is the patient?
  • What happened?
  • How many are injured?
  • What kind of injuries are there?
  • Who will call for help (the name is enough – the number will be transmitted automatically when calling 112 and cannot be withheld!)?
  • Wait for further instructions!

You can also do a lot already in these situations - even without a first aid diploma!
  • See to your own safety: Pay attention only to your own safety, before you help others. If there is no risk for you - start giving first aid. Calm down the injured person and care for her. Injured are usually afraid and need assurance that help is on the way.
  • Ask other people to help guide the emergency personnel to the site of the injured - an ambulance or team of paramedics is on its way to your locations on foot.
  • Create a visual protection barrier, so that the injured person does not feel watched by strangers. This is an important issue for many injured persons.

Should you have some basic knowledge of medical emergency care, you can achieve a lot with the help of these schemes:


Of course the police is present at a festival. A police station has been established on the festival grounds which is operated 24 hours a day. The police is there for you and they will take your reports: Mobile phone stolen? Make a report. Damage to property and/or assault and battery? Make a report.
If you should need immediate help please always call diretly 110 (please note: you can not make a call anonymously. Abuse is a criminal act)  
Please do not hesitate to inform the authorities if you discover something strange even though you are not sure if this is actually an emergency. It is better to report something rather than not reporting at all.


Did you know that a tent does not keep pilferers away? Every year thefts from tents are being reported often even when people are sleeping in them! Therefore:
  • Bring along as little valuables as possible.
  • Articles of value do not belong in a tent. Bring them to the official safe deposite boxes.
  • According to statistics, the theft quote is the highest at the day of arrival and on the day of the opening of the festival at the early morning hours between 3 and 6 a.m.! Especially durning the euphoria of having arrived at the festival no one counts on pilferers. This is when they strike. 

It has happened that during concerts mobile phones and wallets have been stolen in the crowd. Same rule applies: lock the things away that you do not absolutely need or do not bring them to the festival in the first place. Even if the show is outstanding watch for your valuables and especially for persons that stand in the crowd but do not watch the music.

Mobile phones are often found again. Therefore please report any theft to the police. Even if you only "lost" your phone. Lost property can be handed over at the Info Point and will be stored there. Make sure you check with the Info Point in case you have lost something. After the festival, the community will take on custody of the lost property. On the festival website you will find directions on how to contact the community.


Please note the following:
  • Please only use approved gas cartridges (otherwise you risk being injured)
  • No open fire!
  • Make sure your grill (even if it is a one way disposable grill) is completely extinct before you leave for the concerts.
  • Do not throw away cigarettes carelessly

In case of fire you need to act quickly.

The longer a fire burns the harder it is to extinguish. Therefore also here: Call 112 first! (if you should not own a mobile phone please ask someone else to make the call or go to the nearest guard (entrance, mobile patrol etc.)).

The staff member will direct your call to the fire brigade on the festival grounds. Please prepare to answer the follwoing questions:

6 x things to do = how it is done!
  • Where is the patient?
  • What happened?
  • How many are injured?
  • What kind of injuries are there?
  • Who will call for help (the name is enough – the number will be transmitted automatically when calling 112 and cannot be withheld!)?
  • Wait for further instructions!

After that you can take action yourself:
Please watch for your own safety: Please watch for your own safety before you assist others. Do neither underestimate a fire nor it´s smoke emission.  If you are sure there is no hazard then prepare for first aid.  

  • Carry injured or endangered persons to a safe place
  • Calming down - taking care. Injured persons are generally very scared and need the assurance that help is on its way.
  • Requst others to direct the staff of the medical service to your position. An ambulance or a paramedic is on the way to you.
  • Erect a form of camouflage or blinds so the injured person does not feel observed by strangers. This is very important for many injured.

Please note: 80 % of fire victims die of suffocation from poisonous fire smoke. Therefore never underestimate fire smoke and always be on the look out for your own safety.

Fire extinguisher
There are many fire extinguishers on the festival grounds. You will find them in every location of the stewards on the festival site, at bars and food stands, with motorized securites, at the shower camps and of course at every position of the emergency services.  If you need to use a fire extinguisher please follow the instructions printed on the unit. Generally it works like this:

Please note to use the correct fire extinguisher for the right fire. A fire caused by burning fat can not be extinguished with water.

How to extinguish a fire
These basic rules may help you to extinguish a fire. Please note that you apply the fire extinguisher in fits and starts always directed to the fire and with the necessary security distance. The extinguisher does not last very long!


The safest place at a festival out in the green is the car. Inside your car you are protected from most hazards.

In the unforeseen case of evacuation you will find various emergency exits on the festival grounds. They are marked on the festival plans. 

The (emergency) exits can be recongized by the generally accepted emergency exit symbols that may, due to the size of the festival, be larger or mounted higher. This is how our banner look like:

There are numerous emergency exits next to the regular entrances and exits which will be opened immediately in case of emergency. Please make sure you always know where they are. The regular exit might be too far away.

Did you know that most people run to where the came in even though the distance is much bigger? Make it better: In case of emergency take the closest exit to your position!

If you are requested to exit the festival grounds through the exits and emergency exits please do this calmly and speedy. The more exits are being used the faster the festival grounds are evacuated – it’s that simple! And yes - assist those who need help - not every festival visitor is able to do it on his/her own.

Please follow the directions of the guards. They have been trained and know what to do. They are on the look out and grant your safety.

How is an evacuation communicated?
An evacuation is mainly communicated through our video screens and the sound system of the stages. A speaker will explain the situation to you and will ask you to calmly leave the festival grounds and go to your cars. Assist one another and offer safehouse to those who did not travel to the festival using their own car.

Directions through electronic means:

Festival APP
here you will be informed by short messages and we will keep you updated on the latest developments.

here you will always find the latest information, for example if the German weather service has issued an alarm notice for our area. Alarm notices are being communicated already during festival operation so you will be informed timely and can get prepared in case of a thunderstrom approaching for example.

We are safe(-ty)

We can not be everywhere at any time. Therefore we ask you for your participation to make the festival safe.

Our promise: We supply numerous information (also or especially in critical situations) that will help you understand the situation and act in the right way. How?
  • Through the sound system next to the stages
  • Electronically via app, facebook and homepage
  • Through our staff, especially those on site.

Further rules

As the old Indian saying goes: "We didn't inherit the earth from our parents, we only borrowed it from our children" - that's why we are concerned about the return and rely on your active support as always:

The procurement and consumption of drugs on the festival site is not only illegal, but also extremely stupid and dangerous.

Simply forbidden: The evaluation of the patient transports has shown that almost all serious injuries (shoulder, rib and ankle bruises / fractures as well as sprains in the cervical vertebrae area) occur at the festival through crowd surfing.

Every visitor is liable for the damage caused by him.

The following applies to the festival: Nazis must stay outside! Racist, sexist, homophobic and other harassment will be punished immediately and will result in expulsion from the festival site. Forbidden symbols in any form and right music are strictly prohibited at the festival!

Both laser pointers and external car batteries are prohibited on the entire event site.

We put a lot of passion, time and effort into the decoration of our festival area to make the festival an experience for you. We therefore ask all guests to show due respect for this work! Anyone who opposes this rule and removes our decoration from its original destination, misuses it, defaces it or destroys it in any other way, at least the yellow card threatens!

The commercial collection of valuable materials (in particular deposit bottles, metals) on the festival site for the purpose of marketing the valuable materials yourself is only permitted with the prior written consent of the concert organizer. Any violation of the ban on commercial collection can result in the confiscation of the collected amount. In addition, an immediate reference can be made from the festival site. The quantities and amounts customary for festival visitors are accepted.

The operation of unmanned aviation systems (drones and other remote-controlled flight models) is strictly prohibited on the entire festival site.

An exception to this ban is only possible for the security authorities themselves and for the organizer in consultation with the responsible authorities.

Service hotline
If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at
01806-853 444