Beck's presents

Grün Rockt!

With our “Green rocks!” projects we want to involve sustainable issues in the Southside Festival, thus making the festival greener. This means that we are fighting against rubbish and the wasting of food and packaging at our festival! We are also working hard on reducing car rides to the festival and on reducing the use of water and electricity. Inform yourselves below and be convinced that rocking at the Southside Festival really can be green!

You can get information about current issues concerning sustainability and social engagement from our on-site NGOs, who spread ideas and distribute information on these topics. We provide space for these NGOs at the Southside Festival for campaigning and various informative discussions.

We are looking forward to spending a few great days with you, where together we will look after each other and our environment!

If you have any questions or suggestions about sustainability, please feel free to contact