Beck's presents

Resort Ruf der Eule

Enjoy the benefits of the resorts with your own camping gear!

Book all the amenities of the resort, without giving up your own four walls or canvas for just 349€


All amenities of the resort at a glance:


  • Separate areal (the capacity of the resort “Ruf der Eule” is limited to max. 900 visitors)
  • a pool – only for resort guests
  • seperate resort bar with cold and hot drinks
  • comfortable, lighted living zone
  • Check in directly at the resort
  • Parking lot next to the resort
  • Walkways and elegantly illuminated primary routes
  • Separate water flushed toilets and showers
  • Daily garbage collection and enough trashcans (therefore you don’t have to pay a deposit)
  • A reception that is occupied from early in the morning until late at night for your questions and wishes
  • Lockers (limitied number, subject to charges)
  • Wi-Fi* (for a fee)
  • Electricity (240 Volt – max. 1000 W)** (for a fee; if available)
  • The 3 day festival pass is of course included in the resort ticket


The Wi-Fi-ticket* and electric socket reservation is also available.


We provide an electric socket** (240 Volt – max. 1000 W) for a charge (price tba). You can use the socket the whole weekend of course. Please beware that we just supply electricity no further than the power distributor, which might be up to 25 meters away of the location from your tent. We recommend bringing an extension cord.  We also offer to rent out an outdoor extension cord (price tba), which you can get at the reception for a deposit (price tba).

*Please remember, that we set up the Wi-Fi on an open field which means that we can´t guarantee it operating 100 % all the time. Up to 100 guests surf on a synchronous 10 Mbit-cable, that is connected partly wireless, partly with copper-cables, at the same time.  Therefore we cannot assume liability for temporary failures.


*Please remember, for safety reasons, we have to limit the max. power to 1.000 watts. The electricity is generated local and therefore interference-prone. We can´t assume liability for the use of the power source and eventual defects on your devices caused by voltage fluctuation or disturbances. We reserve the right to interrupt the power supply (temporarily) in case of extreme weather conditions for safety reasons.