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Special Camping


The resort – a place for a treat in the festival madness offers demanding festival-goers comfort, space and conveniences to make it more pleasant and more relaxing - but still in the middle of the action, just a guitar throw away from the mainstage.

All amenities of the resort at a glance:

  • separate areal
  • comfortable, lighted living zone
  • seperate bar with cold and warm drinks
  • check in directly at the resort
  • walkways and elegantly illuminated primary routes
  • parking space exclusively for resort guests
  • separate water flushed toilets and showers
  • daily waste collection and enough trashcans (therefore you don’t have to pay a deposit)
  • a reception that is occupied from early in the morning until late at night for your questions and wishes
  • Wi-Fi
  • electricity (240 Volt – max. 1000 W; subject to availability)

You’d rather like to use your own camping gear but still want to enjoy the advantages of the resort? No problem! 

You’d rather like to book one of our housings and enjoy a relaxed festival without worrying about the right camping gear? Then check out our residences >> 


Terms & Conditions >>


Residences (coming soon)

Our housing options will be available soon. Stay tuned!

Camping Claim

Welcome to the campsite! A camping claim is your own piece of land on the Southside Festival. Reserve your claim in advance and have a relaxed arrival without worrying about the best place to camp anymore. 

Check out the benefits at a glance:

  • reserved area of 100qm - not more then 500m away from the infield - till Friday 12 p.m.
  • 10 x camping claim-wristband for you and your 9 friends with access to your reserved area and an individual camping claim sign with a name, you choose in advance
  • Dixi toilets only for camping claim owners

You and your friends have to book valid festival passes to use your claim.

But how? 

  • one of your group books the claim
  • the others check in normally
  • the camping claim owner reaches out to the info point and will get the 10 wrist bands for your claim there.
  • if some other friends want to visit your claim, they can do so from Friday 12 p.m. on
  • the reservation is valid until Friday 12 p.m - there will be a fence around your claim til then. This means you have to arrive on Thursday or Friday. 


VIP Camping

Our VIP-camping offers you the chance to camp next to your own car. You already have a festival pass for all days? No problem: Upgrade your festival pass in our ticket shop (coming soon).

How does it work at the festival?

After you checked in, you will get a car pass. You can drive comfortably to the campsite.



Trailer Park

Camper vans, caravans and self-designed sleeping vehicles require a camper sticker in order to gain access to the separate caravan campsite. This sticker costs 50 Euro per vehicle ("sleeping van”, not car-drawn vehicles). This forgery-proof sticker can be bought in advance only online via this site or by telephone from FKP Scorpio Konzertproduktionen GmbH 01806 - 853 333 (0.20 €/per call from landline, mobile charges max. 0.60 €/per call).

Check out the rules >>


Trailer Park | Green Camp

Those who appreciate some calm and cleanliness while enjoying rock'n'roll on the grounds can stay in our greener living section (Green Camp) at the Southside. This is an enclosed area that aims to give visitors with an environmentally friendly attitude the possibility to sleep in a quiet and clean space.


Trailer Park | Power Claims

Your own piece of Southside!
Dear friends of allotment garden culture, you can now book your own claim in the trailer park. One claim is an area of approx. 32 square meters, fully equipped with 16 ampere power supply (up to 2.000 Watts). Just bring your own Schuko-extension cable (ø 2,5mm²).